Terms and cancellation fee.

- Reservation cancellation within 4 days of the date of the reservation will be subjected to the full charge of the service.
- Full charge will apply if the client does not show up for their reservation after 15 minutes of waiting.
- All gate fees and parking fees will be passed on to clients.
- We give our clients 15 minutes of wait time for free, after that a small charge will be applied to the client.
- Any client whose flight is 45 minutes late or canceled will be charged 50% of the full charge extra.
- A $250 fee will be charged if there is any damage is done to the vehicle by the client or clean up.
- Smoking or drinking will be not allowed in the vehicles.
- Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in the vehicles.
Credit card information is mandatory to hold the reservation on the day the reservation is made.
- Charleston Peninsula Transportation is not responsible for delays or the termination caused by unsafe road conditions or unforeseen road blocks.
- 3%  fee will apply on using credit card.
-A 20% gratuity will be added on any reservations.